Q: Do I need to crop photos before sending them to you?

A: No, you don’t need to crop any photos before sending them to us. Please just send them in their original form as we will crop and zoom your photos to make the most of the subject in each of your photos.

Q: What should the file size of my photos be?

A: We would recommend that your photos be a minimum of 200KB for a JPEG image. This is a guide and we do have photos that are less than this and they still work. If you have a few lower quality images amongst other higher quality photos it should be ok. We will always tell you if we think a photo will be obviously low in quality in your life poster when we design your proof, you will then be given the opportunity to email us a replacement if you would like.

Q: I’m not very good with computers, how do I send you my photos?!

A: After you’ve ordered you will go to the ‘order confirmation’ page which explains how to use our upload system in step by step instructions. Basically you need to compress your photos so that you can send them to us as one folder. Or if you would rather you can put them on a CD or memory stick and post it to us. You can also send your photos straight from your phone with a free app (click here for our blog post giving more info).

Q: If some of the photos that I want to include have been taken in portrait mode, can you adjust them (shrink/crop etc) to make them fit a landscape box or do the photos all have to be in landscape to start with?

A: We will crop a portrait image to fit in a landscape cell, just be aware that we will have to crop the top or bottom half out of the photo as it’s not possible to fit the whole length of the photo in the cell. Please bear in mind that it doesn’t work at all if there’s a big height difference between the subjects as they won’t both fit in one cell (eg a person holding a baby in their arms).

Q: What is your advice about including group photos in a life poster?

A: Our advice is to avoid large group photos as it can be impossible to fit everyone in the cell, and invariably the people on the ends are cropped out. If you are not sure then have a look at the cell shapes of the life poster design you are looking at as they do vary. For example, if you are choosing a Frazer 86 the cells are landscape in shape so will fit more of your photo in the cell. Where as if you take a look at the Levi 36 the cells are square so are best for focussing on one or two subjects close together, and less inclined to fit a line of people in the cell.

Q: I have some very old prints I have scanned and am concerned that they won’t be good enough quality to be included in my life poster?

A: We have used photos that are 80+ years old in our life posters, and are experienced in colour correcting, enhancing and cropping them to bring out the very best of the image. We often design life posters that include a life time of memories and when you look at the complete finished design the small imperfections in very old photos are not noticed as you see the collage as a whole – this is one of the things that makes it a real unique and special gift.

Q: My photos aren’t all that great, they’re only amateur shots, can you do anything with them?

A: Yes we can! The great thing about our Life Posters is that we will enhance each photo individually and crop them too, this means we can focus on the subject in your pic, and wherever possible crop out the other people who were there when you took the photo and aren’t in your family/group.

Wherever we can we will also remove red eye and straighten horizons, so don’t worry if you don’t always hold the camera straight! Your photos are unique, and for that reason they are worth celebrating.

If you still aren’t sure then just contact us and we will be pleased to help.

Q: I’d like to create a life poster from a special holiday last summer. The style I like the best from your collection is the Jade wedding collage. Would this work well for a mix of scenic as well as “people” photographs?

A. The Jade can be used for any photos not just wedding photos and would work well with both people and scenic photos. The only thing to bear in mind is that the photos will be cropped to fit the square cells so if you have scenic shots the photo will be cropped at either both or one side.

It is a lovely collage and with its symmetrical design and stylish frame it is a very pleasing way to display some special photos.

Q: I have a few photos that are a bit blurred but I really want to include them as they are important memories for me, can you still use them?

A: Yes we can! The great thing about a life poster is that you see the photos as one complete picture, so imperfections are not as noticeable as if you were looking at the photos individually, this means that it is fine to use a few photos that are not so great in quality in your life poster.

Consider colour! A few colourful photos (eg clothing, buildings, wildlife, interesting objects etc) will add focal points to your life poster and add interest to make it more striking when you hang it on the wall.