Wedding Collage Posters

Your wedding is one of, if not the most amazing day of your life.

You have spent hours and hours of preparation and planning and organising to have the day that you want.

You have celebrated and enjoyed and reminisced over hundreds of photos provided to you by friends, family and photographers.

So why hide your photos in an album, or try to choose just one or two pictures to frame on the wall?

You can enjoy not one memory from your day, but lots of memories in one of our photo collages.

All of our life posters are designed to celebrate any occasion but we have three life posters designed especially with wedding photos in mind. Each of your photos will be enhanced, if needed, to make them look their very best. We will then mount and frame your life poster in a stylish beautiful frame so that you can place on your wall and remember your day for years to come.

Click on the photos below to find out more about each design, and if you have any questions then do please contact us.

Enjoy your wedding photos everyday with Life Poster!

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